New Leadership to Save Houston

My father,  a retired Brigadier General and World War II Veteran,  moved us from Canada to Houston  in 1958. He advised us that the USA  is a country of freedom and opportunities. As such we must not expect what we can get from America but must strive what we can give back to this great country. Abiding by my late father’s advice, I have been trying to accomplish this most cherished goal. I want to be in the service of America with an idea to make it even a better place for each man, woman and child. I have been a member of many civic and community organizations. From the past 57 years I have been residing in Houston, which  gives me the standing as  native Houstonian. I am a successful businessman and have ample knowledge of management techniques, marketing know-how, accounts supervision and balance sheet preparation. I have been running a profitable Private Security & Investigation business and a very power full TV Channel know as WAA TV, whgich is located in the heart of District 131. I have also trained many young people in the art of managingSecurity, Investigation and Broadcasting business, I have extensively traveled around the World 85 countries. It has broadened my intellectual horizon that I can take correct decisions when faced with problems and issues. During my numerous travels, I have also observe the functioning and set up of many types of government. This will enabled me to serve the City of Houston efficiently and effectively. I have also been producing and directing educational and current affairs documentary movies.. For the past 40 years, I have been hosting a highly rated Radio and TV talk show, known as “Voice of Freedom and a very powerfull TV Talk Show Halat-e-Hazra .”  This experience has given me a deeper insight of human values, its problems and solutions.


  • Houston Community College
  • Texas A& M College Station
  • University Of Texas (UTSA)
  • Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor: American Aviation
  • N.R.A. Gun Instructor: Texas Sec Instituteo.


  • Boxing Gold Medalist.


  • President Friends of America Society
  • President Innocent Victims of Systems
  • President Southwest Asian Broadcasting Association
  • President Kashmir Association
  • Board of Director Brays Village East Homeowners Association
  • President of South West Asian
  • Actor, Write, Producer and Directors association

If you are registered to vote in the following precincts then you can
vote for John Shike Candidate For State Representative District 131.


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For further information please call John Shike Campaign
at (832) 741-0564 or Fax (832) 203-4513

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